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We optimize your production
We optimize your production
We optimize your production
We optimize your production
We optimize your production
We optimize your production
We optimize your production
We optimize your production
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Advanced Planning and Scheduling


Planning, in a first analysis, is to resolve conflicts of interest between commercial and production departments. The need to monetize available production capacity represents an opportunity to optimize resources and improves the process:

  • Within the desired timeframe
  • Where they were planned
  • In the order they were planned

The Stello Planner stands out as an indispensable tool for production, with the goal of contributing to the increase of productivity and competitiveness of the company´s production process.

To achieve this, its way of working is focused on three basic pilllars:

  • To schedule and optimize
  • To fine-tune the processes
  • To support decision making

Green Planning

Green APS

The EIT Manufacturing Project

Green APS aims at bringing an AI-supported Energy Management Systems integrated to an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solution to the market, thus reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint of manufacturing companies.

Green APS addresses energy and production efficiency in industry by analyzing energy offer, demand and consumption variables, thus acquiring knowledge that will be used to minimize energy consumption per part produced while assuring customer service levels.


Meet delivery deadlines; Minimize setup time, downtime and stoppages; Maximize the use of resources and subresources; Manage parallel operation overlaps. Use of mathematical algorithms to obtain, in a timely way, the optimum solution, enabling the use of various optimization criteria at the same time. Providing a graphical interface to support the user in navigation and decision making, intuitively, easily and comfortably.

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Easy to Use

In order to plan the production and evaluate different scenarios, Stello Planner provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface. From this interface the user can access different configuration functionalities, search and interact with the planning, as well as compare different simulations and their indicators (KPIs). This way, the user can, in a consistent way, decide which simulation can be approved and sent to production.

Track the simulations using several charts

Gantt Chart of Resources+

    Allows the interaction and visualisation of plans, with all operations by resource and time, links between them, general and specific data, delays, and other features

    Gantt Chart of Subresources+

      Allows the visualisation of their usage over time associated with the resources where they are needed

      Gantt Chart of Production Orders+

        Allows the visualisation of their temporal arrangement, as well as the information about them

        Chart of Loads+

          Allows the visualisation of all the information related to the different types of loads placed on the resources

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