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August 5 2022 // 10 mins read

With more than 100 years of experience in the paint market, CIN is the Iberian Peninsula market leader. In 2021, CIN's total revenue was 320 million euros. CIN operates in three main market sectors - Construction, Industry, and Corrosion Protection.

CIN - Corporação Industrial do Norte, S.A. with facilities in more than 15 countries, you can find CIN branded products in over 50 other.

    The Project

    In order to implement Stello Planner, it was crucial to take into account the following objectives:

    • Identify and understand the current systems functionalities in production planning and scheduling
    • Perform a realistic analysis of the Stello Planner and make the necessary parameterizations
    • Configure the software and the interface correctly in order to integrate the Stello Planner with the other existing systems in the company, adjusting it to the factory reality
    • Ensure solid data import and export between the various systems
    • Evaluate the impact of the system implementation at CIN

    With this project CIN intended to:

    • Maximize production capacity
    • Minimize work in progress (WIP)
    • Increase productivity, resource efficiency and service performance
    • Improve production plans
    • Quick response to idle and breakdowns
    • Reduce slob, stock, lead time and scheduling effort

    Project Earnings

    Having achieved the project objectives, the benefits that Stello Planner is bringing to CIN are reflected as follows:

    • Improvement in production plans by 30.70%
    • Maximization of production capacity by 18.70%
    • Meeting of delivery deadlines by 18,70%

    It has also been proven that the plans generated by Stello Planner are much more efficient and much closer to the factory reality than the plans generated by the previous production scheduler. The optimization criterion (maximizing priorities) was considered the most appropriate and the one that brings most progress to the company (48%).

      First-person testimony

      “Implementing the Stello Planner enabled a successful production scheduling, as it makes it possible to integrate planning with the entire supply chain. It also relates orders with precedence relations, analyzes constraints, allows for quick rescheduling, in case of contingencies, simulates scenarios to choose the best production plan, and improves compliance with delivery deadlines.

      As a result, this has brought a lot of profit to CIN and, consecutively, it is creating value to the organization's production management and creating competitive advantage for the organization, with 100% of the team considering Stello Planner to be an asset to CIN.

      There is no doubt that Stello Planner is being a differentiating and vital factor for CIN to consolidate its position in the market, attract new customers, stay one step ahead of the competition, decrease costs and increase profit and satisfying in addition satisfying the team of users".

      Pedro Cruz, Manager of Industrial Projects and Production Information Systems


        Presently, Stello Planner is present in two plants of the CIN group, scheduling on a weekly basis, approximately 6.500 operations, in highly complex scenarios, spread over two plants and eight departments, and it is expected that, in the short term, these numbers will increase.

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